30 Temmuz 2019 Salı

Oppo Shows Off New 'waterfall' Display That Stretches Screen Around the Side

Another week, another innovation for Oppo. The company that recently showcased an under-display front camera is now preparing a screen with 88-degree curved edges and no buttons on the side. It is called Waterfall Screen and is nearing the 100% screen-to-body ratio with ever so tiny bezels on the top and bottom.
Oppo Waterfall Screen Oppo Waterfall Screen Oppo Waterfall Screen Oppo Waterfall Screen
Oppo Waterfall Screen
Images were shared by Brian Shen, company VP, on his personal Weibo profile. Minutes later, various bloggers and media representatives also took it to the social media to introduce videos and gifs of their hands-on experience with the device.
Oppo Waterfall Screen compared to the Oppo Find XOppo Waterfall Screen compared to the Oppo Find X
The new screen is narrower than the panel on the Oppo Find X, but sadly, we don’t see the back of the device.
Oppo showcases Waterfall screen with extremely curved edges
Actual phone with the Waterfall screen will become available next year, marking another exciting development by the company following the under-display camera and the elevating mechanism on the Oppo Find X.

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